3 Year Loans

Very useful for obtaining Quick cash in situations of need, 3 year loans are increasingly used for their unfussiness, for the short time it requires to obtain them and for the few requirements demanded by the entities that market them. In only 5 minutes from the start of the application the money can be made available to the account, being of legal age and residing legally in Canada.

Interested users should request 3 year loans to the lender through the distance service. Applicants for each of these installment payment loans must be natural persons AGE 23 and permanently resident in Canada. The maximum amount of the first of the 3YEARLOANS.CA requested is CAD$5000. The costs of the processing and the management of the application will depend on the amount demanded, the duration and the number of times in which the borrower has requested the request; These costs will be maintained both for the first and for the rest of the installment loans requests that are made.

At all times, the applicant will have evidence of such information thanks to the simulator of our website, where you will receive the detailed information on the particular conditions that as lenders will be sent to you.

The granting of 3 year loans will be subject to the circumstances of the borrower, in case there are cases in which payments have or outstanding debts to third parties, legal that may affect you. It will also ensure that all information and documentation provided is 100% accurate.

3 Year Loans Repayment:

The return of the Long Term Loans will always be made through the bank transfer system to the account number indicated by the lender. When for any reason, the borrower does not make the return of the mini credits in the period previously established, they will be managed by the Department of Collections of the lender.

In order to ensure proper management of the collection of fast loans, lender and borrower will communicate via telephone, email, SMS, postal mail or any other system valid for both.

Information about renewal policy:

Once the expiration date of the 3 year loans arrives, the borrower will have two options: return it or extend the term of the fast loans. The term can be extended up to a maximum of thirty calendar days and the costs of the extension will be those deducted from the simulator of the web. The borrower will be informed of the amount of the extension through the particular conditions that are sent to him. After the period of extension of the long term installment loans, the borrower must pay the total amount derived from the loan requested in the bank account of the lender.

Penalty for non-payment and arrears

The penalty for non-payment of personal loans will be 1.00% per day on the amount paid and will have a maximum limit of 200% on the principal, all without detriment to the other consequences that arise from their non-compliance, such as inclusion Of its data in files of solvency patrimonial and of credit.

The APR will vary according to the amount and term and will be indicated in the terms and conditions of the request for the 3 year loans.

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